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Welcome to BioBea's

Alternative Natural Therapies

Welcome at BioBea where I offer a huge array of treatments and techniques which have the power to alter your entire system – mind, body and soul! I am working in Liverpool and internationally therefore I can reach out to more people to facilitate their healing journey! Also collaborating with Ayulink ayurvedic clinic and education from India so as with other therapist from other countries where I am visiting therapist. I am leading and working with retreats abroad as well as private individual “healing holiday” can be arranged. These are occasionally intertwined as well as symbiotic to one another. I recommend to start with clear intentions to heal and be willing to work on oneself, this is essential to reach the desired results from your treatments. The results thus obtained reverberate into all aspects of your life to energize and heal where and when needed most.

I respectfully request at least 36 hour notice for cancellations
or for no show I will charge 50% of the price.
Thank you for your understanding!

About Me

I am Bea originally from Hungary and I am a co-founder of BioBea Heal Yourself Community.

Operating as a therapist since 2001, as an Ayurvedic Therapist and Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, Intuitive Healer.
My calling came when I experienced a time of dysfunction in my physical health and being emotionally stuck in life. Modern medicine was unable to find a solution. As a result, i reached out to a natural therapist who not only successfully alleviated my ailment but also became my first teacher. Through this personal experience all started. Studying Holistic therapies, meditation to initially help my family and friends but this quickly extended to people who were seeking change, support and care.

Bea is working on 3 different level/way to give the best holistic body-mind and soul treatment to focus on the most needed area at the time.

You can book them as a package to have like a full recharge and rejuvenate cure or individually as its needed at each time.

Here are the ways:

1. Ayur-balance Healing-massage

Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being. It is one the most effective healing modality in Ayurvedic Medicine. It promotes Detoxification and Rejuvenation. It is recommended on a seasonal basis, as well as when an individual feels out of balance or is experiencing illness. Abhyanga is a unique form of massage, originating in Ayurvedic medicine.

I am an ayurveda practitioner studied from an ayurvedic doctor (Vadja) in India (Ahmedabad). I like to combine this traditional way with other type of massage techniques and healing methods to get a unique outcome to individual needs. After the body-treatment I give a short lifestyle consultation to get balanced in body-mind-soul aspect such as nutrition, diet or exercise advise, etc.

The massage is carried out with warm ayurvedic oils using the guidelines of Indian traditional medicine. It seeks the wellbeing of the body and mind based on their dosha or constitution (vata, pitta or kapha) and their vikritis (imbalances that induce disease).

Benefits of the treatment:
• Helps to detox the body
• Healthy and radiant skin (decreases the aging effects)
• Nourished and lubricated joints
• Increased circulation in the body
• Rejuvenation of the mind and body
• Release of deep-seated toxins in the skin, joints, and tissues of the body
• Calming of the mind and nervous system, promoting better focus and balanced emotions
• Decrease / combat anxiety
• Balances the body-mind-soul
• Helps to find out the best lifestyle for your individual needs

2. Cosmic Alignment Therapy

This is a new-energy rebalancing therapy that aligning body, mind and soul and reconnecting with the Divine source. Cosmic Alignment Therapy is a gentle yet powerful energy-healing treatment which you can receive in distance (Than we connect online first) or in person as a hand on treatment! The session takes around 90 minutes with your personalized lifestyle advice. Its primary purpose is to balance your mind, body and soul with the energies of the New Age. It gives healing at the deepest levels for whatever you need at the time. Cosmic Alignment Therapy is a simple approach to self-healing and personal development. We all have great potential, but due to limiting beliefs and fears that we hold about ourselves and our lives, we tend to get ourselves stuck in particular patterns that keep us from deeply realizing our full potential. These patterns can show up in various ways; beneath these external symptoms are corresponding patterns of energy. The treatment acts as a catalyst to awaken the life force, gently enabling you to transform your patterns/ traumas and begin to change from who you are now, to whom you want to become! Cosmic Alignment healing trusts your innate intelligence to bring order and balance in your life.

I use remote viewing and energy balancing techniques intuitively and guided by the Divine. During the treatment recommended to remain to stay detached from the achievement of specific results wanted, ALLOWING your energy to be guided by your innate intelligence (super consciousness), transforming your patterns in whatever ways are right (best) for you.

There is no belief system attached to Cosmic Alignment Therapy so anyone can receive the treatment. This therapy is usually very relaxing – a good place to start. It is very useful if you feel like you need time out of your busy, stressful life.

The treatment can help re-align you to your true self and energise you to make positive steps in your life. It also helps those of you who are aware of your spiritual path and will assist you to gain clarity, deeper awareness and thereby speeds up your progress There is no need to know about your personal or medical history. The procedure is gentle, non-invasive and completely safe.

It can be used on its own or alongside conventional medicine or alternative and complementary therapies. It is an empowering tool for enabling people to let go of past limitations and move forward in their lives.

3. Superconscious karma and lifestyle cleansing

This session is for highly conscious people who are determined to change.
If you are aiming for something new, unique and very quick to change your life for the better, and if you are looking for a change in your vocation this system will be yours. The session can be online or personally and it takes around 90 mins. Each session is different each time as we are constantly changing so are our current situations.
This is a fantastic new 21st centuries way that can help you reach your goals and get rid of your fear-based limitations.

The method is unconditional loved-based, concentrates on the present and focuses on changing and transforming the controlling and limiting belief systems as well as feelings, emotions and fear-based (low vibrational) energies, data.

This technique is based on the science

As there is no time and space in the Universe (no linear time) that everything happens at the “same” time in the quantum field. So whenever something is changed in the present, the energy is changed both “backwards into the past and also forwards into the future”.

Therefore, instead of focusing on what has gone before, the system looks at what is going on in the present moment to find the blocks and the solution. It works soft and gentle.

Also using a biofeedback mechanism (works with a pendulum, muscle testing, etc.), allows an easy way to receive information about blocking beliefs, energies and to have them transformed.

All areas can be addressed with SuperConscious Karma and Lifestyle Cleansing, including:
• relationships (family issues, partnership, loneliness etc.)
• self-realization/life path (finding joy and purpose in life)
• self-esteem (self-confidence, being able to stand up for yourself)
• money (financial issues, limiting belief system around money)
• career (what is your goal)
• and as a consequence of the transformed fear-based feelings and limiting beliefs your stress level can decrease therefore your immune system can work optimum

Blocks are transformed into unconditional love-based energies that aid, assist and help you to become happier in your life, to raise your awareness and consciousness level and to solve your challenges with ease.
SKLC can help you understand why something has happened/is happening in your life and receive information what to change in order to create an easier and better life for yourself.
In this way you can gain more knowledge and understanding about:
• yourself
• your important relationships (family, spouse, children, friends)
• your past (family tree)
• your present (ongoing issues and repeating patterns)
• other questions you have about your life

Once you have an awareness of your issues, you are already starting to transform. You can only change something if you know about it.

Bea is combining different healing and therapeutic methods as she's educated in many fields:

  • Ayurvedic Lifesyle consultant (Panchakarma)
  • Ayurvedic (abhyanga) massage teacher and therapist
  • Soft-Osteopath
  • Back-neck and shoulder therapeutic masseuse
  • Reflexologist
  • Reiki Inner Master
  • Shiatsu therapist
  • Cosmic Alignment intuitive energy healer
  • Karma and Lifestyle cleaner with pendulum
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

What else?

Guided Group Meditation

Can be organized by request

Gift voucher is available!

Contact us for more details!

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is an Ancient raw chocolate drink that help us to release emotional blockages that no longer serve us, find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and shows us the way forward if we stuck or afraid of making the necessary life changes in order to move on. It has a powerful heart opening effect. The ceremony includes guided (channeled) meditation, sacred cacao drink, breathing exercise, special healing sounds, healthy snacks.


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The new technology presents a person‘s cell information with many new challenges. The 5G-Mobile Converter vitalises the negative frequencies of 5G mobile networks including e-smog.

Ayulink migraine management centre and education franchise

Ayurvedic migraine management centre or/and education franchise opportunities worldwide with dr Prerak Indian vadja(ayurvedic doctor) to promote ancient science of longevity and natural wellbeing

I only use 100% chemical free organic and natural products

As part of the treatment cosmetics and perfumes must be avoided on the day of your session. 
Also no food an hour before will benefit the treatment!

What My Clients Say

I specialise in Amazonian shamanic healing practices, but prior to that I have worked as a professional bodyworker, helping set up Stressbusters in 1991, the first UK on-site massage training and service provider. As such, i very much can recognise and appreciate high quality professional bodywork. I have had the pleasure of experiencing Bea's bodywork on varioua occasions, the first when she supported me on a retreat in Spain by providing participants with much needed massages post-ceremony. She has since supported me on various other retreats, and i have always found her presence, her compassionate powerful touch, her diagnostic skills and deep healing wisdom to be an inspiration and a gift. I wholeheartedly recommend Bea as a highly approachable expert bodywork practitioner and health consultant.
Robert Thé
After Bea's massage i felt nourished and relaxed for the first time in many years. Thank You! Highly recommended!
After the karma and Lifestyle cleansing i started to realize lots of things and big changes started to happen. My life is changed in so many level for the best and so quickly i never thought. Big thank you!

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Booking in advance is essential!

Cancellations to be made min. 36 hours prior to the appointment.
For no show I will charge 50% of the price.

Pay into my bank account in your country in any currency
Contact me for bank account numbers!
After you sent the money please send me the confirmation about the payment.